About Us

 In the Fall of 2009, a group of dedicated local Lannon business owners and volunteers collaborated on a project to bring Christmas back to the Village. Through a fund-raising campaign, generous businesses and individuals donated enough funds to put up holiday banners on Main St. and decorate the Town Hall. They also lit the Town Hall Christmas Tree and successfully organized a Holiday sing-a-long that over 200 residents attended.

From the relationships formed through this group of businesses, the need for an Association grew and finally culminated with the formation of the Lannon Business Association (LBA) in October, 2009. The founding members identified significant “gaps” in the representation of our businesses and their involvement with the Village of Lannon and surrounding community. We saw that these “gaps” prevented our ability to thrive as businesses and hindered our ability to make our community stronger.

The LBA will create a distinct and effective voice that represents and creates the strong business and community foundation that is needed to survive and compete. The current members of the LBA hope that the businesses in Lannon and those that have interests in our success, join us and help in the renewal of our community. We also need your help to create the unified voice that will allow us to successfully promote our businesses in the Village and surrounding communities.

We hope that you will take this opportunity to meet and interact with other business owners and create a better economic environment for all of us. We encourage you to attend our monthly meetings and especially let us know if you have any ideas or concerns.


The mission of the Lannon Business Association is to join together people with a common interest to market and promote their businesses, work towards solutions to local issues and identify resources to improve the economic vitality of the Village of Lannon and Waukesha County.


  • Represent the Village of Lannon area business and professional community by communicating the LBA’s views on matters that affect businesses in our community.
  • Improve the appearance and recognition of Lannon
  • Develop programs to enhance commerce
  • Monitor legislation affecting Lannon businesses
  • Effectively communicate with current members and promote the LBA to attract new members
  • Work with other organizations that share our goals, values and objectives
  • Help improve Lannon through special events and contributions to efforts that better our community


  • Christmas Tree Lighting
  • Holiday Decorations
  • Holiday Banners
  • Food Pantry Collections
  • Lannon Fest – Concert in the Park
  • Corn Roast
  • Flea Market /Craft Show
  • Car Show
  • Parades
  • Mid-Winter Dinner
  • After-5 Business Get-Together
  • Wine & Beer Tasting
  • Golf Outings — Sporting Events



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